Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday, 28 August, 2015

Something that has been irking me lately is the concept of healthy eating.

"Why are you eating so healthy?"
"Why are you eating such healthy food?"
"Why must you be such a health freak?"

I try and explain that I like being in good health. That I like the health of my body to be good. But no matter how I try and phrase it, I can't get the message across.

Now, one cupcake or one donut isn't going to suddenly cause you to become morbidly obese or get cancer or Alzheimer's disease or flesh eating necrosis. But come one, almost everyone (almost...) knows that eating junk food and stuffing your face with dessert every day isn't good for you. And no matter how hard I emphasis those last 4 words, it just goes in the one ear and out the other.

Isn't. Good. For. You. It's great that you live in the moment and can enjoy a taste sensation that's going to last a few minutes. Me? I like being healthy. And I don't mean "healthy" as in someone who only eats wheatgrass, kale and quinoa smoothies, and goes for 20km runs every morning.

I mean I like not having headaches. I like not having stomach cramps or gastro-intestinal distress or bloating. I like sleeping well and being full of energy when I wake up, and not falling asleep after lunch. I like not having my acne or dandruff flare up. I like not having anxiety spiral out of control any more than it needs to.

Somewhere along the lines it seems being healthy became some weird, outcast, pariah state of being, and just dealing with all the unnecessary ills and ailments of the modern diet (diet as in way of eating, not eating to lose weight) became the norm. "Well everyone else is getting obese and getting diabetes, nothing I can do about it, may as well eat cake."

The exact reason that's happening is cause you have no bloody willpower and refuse to take responsibility for what your own hands stuff in your mouth, and won't take the time to spend one day reading about nutrition to save yourself years and decades of poor health.

Sigh. I'm ranting.

What other people eat is none of my concern, but I'm just fed up that wanting your body to not be sick is something only weirdos aspire to.