Saturday, March 28, 2015

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Double dream bonanza!

Second dream, we were going on high school camp. I was so worried about fiddling with my camera that I forgot to pack in everything else. So all I had for the week was the clothes on my back, and my camera. Haha.

Any how, bus drove us along the ocean road, and we ended up in some really dodgy looking little town, with suspicious characters loitering all around. There was this big abandoned building on the hill that looked like it would make for some great photos, but of course, it would have probably been inhabitated by nerfarious people of ill-repute or something.

First dream was the run-of-the-mill post-apocalyptic scavenging and survival one. Spanning three diverse locations of high school, Wild Wild West and South American country side, we were wandering around just trying to scrounge and survive while avoiding zombies or monsters or people with some strange and deadly infectious disease or something to that effect.

It started off with us fleeing the high school building, then ending up in some rural country side, hiding amongst the crops along the dusty roads, hiding from people killing everyone to try and stop the plague. As we journeyed along we slowly gained extra members to our party just like in ye olde RPG, while discovering allegedly important items ala rare drops.

I liked that dream, it was like playing an RPG or something. Heh.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Dreamt that I ran into people back from school. Or could have been that I was back at school. Hard to tell with dreams, y'know? Anyway we just chatted and stuff.


Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Wednesday, 04 March 2015

Not one, but two post-apocalyptic dreams? Is this my reward for not melting to death aftea a 42°C heat wave?

First one I don't remember too well. All I remember was that it was dark, (almost) everyone was dead, everywhere was empty and deserted, and some old lady was trying to get into a building. We warned her not to, but then she opened the door. We expected her to faint from a surge of miasmic odours of dead people, but the truth was even worse.

Out from the door poured a veritable torrent of starving rats. We did not stay to see her horrible demise, because we knew that we would be next.

In hindsight it didn't make sense, wouldn't the rats have eaten the dead people and not be hungry? Before this we were split into two teams in different buildings in some sort of survival thing. All I remember is that our kitchen was full of burnt appliances and there were no lights and eventually one by one everyone disappeared under mysterious circumstances until I was the only one left and fled to to the other team.

Then the second dream.

I was in a big convenience store, just wandering around. I remember passing by some hypocritical man by the frozen fish section haranguing some passerby with his beliefs that he clearly wasn't following himself (don't force your preaching on others, or something to that effect. There was a special on plastic chairs, and one of the shop assistants had tried to write funny messages on them to sell them. It didn't seem to be working, despite it being $2 a chair. Then I ran into... you guessed it, old high school friends. The whole gang was there.

In the same building, eventually all the foodstuffs, then shop stuff, then interior fittings slowly disappeared, until it was just us left with a motley of abandoned furniture. There was another group of people I didn't recognise, and the two groups weren't getting along well.

Somewhere along the line things changed and we found ourselves in the forgotten concrete husk of a building next to the ocean, ocean waves lapping at the corners of the walls, salted and bleached. The waves were slow, turgid and plastic, their consistency more like gel than water. I remember trying to run into the water fully clothed (I had a good reason at the time, honest), only for the wave to arch up over me and then just freeze in place, not falling.

One of the people in our group went into the water and wash up completely wrapped in plastic. Still alive, he was struggling to breathe. A passerby said we should just leave him, he's good as dead anyway. Someone punched him. Eventually we tore the plastic open and he could breathe. In an amusing occurence, Robert Mugabe made a cameo and offered to help us. I guess the moral of the story is even monsters can be human, sometimes.

After this the sun didn't come up for three days. When eventually it did, it was dark as the night and much, much larger. Like a perpetual eclipse, it rose up pitch black with its incandescence reduced to a mere ring around it.

So there we were on the sea shore, friend almost dead at our feet, civilisation eroded away clean leaving only empty concrete skeletons behind, a sickly ocean, and a dead sun.

Oh, there was a 3rd one, or an addendum to the above. We were on a high road overlooking the ocean, and took a walk down to the beach scavenging. There were some freshly dead bodies. We were cautious as to what killed them, when suddenly I got attacked! By a tiny bat. It bit me, then I grapped it by the wings and someone else hit the body with a rock. We ran up to the road as suddenly a whole flock of them came chasing. I managed to get to the top before passing out. Well I hope I just passed out, and didn't die.

The end! So many nice dreams <3 br="">