Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Wednesday, 04 February 2015

Last night I had a lot of dreams.

First off it started with a run off the mill, back at primary school (but with high school people) dream. I was on the field at the back for some reason, then back to the front of the school and snuck into line for the assembly. Some stuff I don't remember might have happened, and then I was on the school bus.

And then things got interesting. We were driving around in some marina area, or with lots of water like Venice or something. Anyway, it was dark (which makes no sense, it would be dark in the morning going to school, but it's never that late coming from school that it's dark).

Anyhow, one of the passengers was fiddling with a camera and I was thinking how nice the photos of the road are coming out, all dark and underexposed and low key and stuff, when the driver takes a turn, going fast downhill, on wet roads, and tries to take a turn.

End result: bus shoots off the road and lands in the water. I yell that we're going to hit the water, before trying to grab as much air as I can. Next thing I know, inteior of the bus is suddenly full of water, everyone is rushing for the bus door, and I'm trying to grab my school bag with me as I make for the exit.

I get out of the bus and... somehow outside the bus the water isn't deep, but inside half the bus is submerged in water. Dream physics and logic! Anyway, I help some of the people get out of the bus, then we all go to sit on the pond/river/lake-side to dry off. I empty my bag and for some reason I have three harddrives in it. I magically have a computer at my disposal and try to get them work but there's nothing interesting on them, just vanilla Windows installations on the 2 working ones, with #3 being dead.

Nothing actually interesting, it's just that this is the first time in a very very long time that I recall having a drowning dream.

Next batch of dreams was a lot more regular.

I can't remember anymore how it started off but at some point it involved me having to go and visit some place for work related things, followed by which I was actually doing work in my dream. Yes, I dreamt about working. Hrmpf.

Anyhow after that was done I went to go wait for a bus to go somewhere and of course all the buses showed up except the one I needed. Only saving grace was that the previous bus didn't depart as soon as I had the bus stop in sight. Also amusing enough since it was a MyCiti bus and they weren't on strike, Maya was also waiting for the bus (hi).

Some more stuff I don't recall happened, then I ended up in a classroom and we were writing a test on something. (Strange: I didn't recognise anyone). (Also the numbering on the test was really bad). Anyhow then suddenly things got REALLY EXCITING because someone got shot by some guy with a sniper rifle through the window. Dun dun dun. I yell at everyone to get out of the classroom but no one listens, so I whip out a police badge that I just so happened to possess and then they all complied while we tried to carry the person with the bulletwound out.I'm assuming that next we/they/I/whoever went to go and try and find the sniper person but I don't recall.

I'm not sure if it was part of the same dream, but then we went to some holiday resort place, passing lots of sand stuff. Like sandboarding, off-road driving, etc etc. Eventually we found the rest of our group (?) on some mountain thing, and I was trying to climb up, but the rock was all made out of sandstone so I kept falling all the way straight down from the top. And it was a very long way. And this happened multiple times. Multiple lives I guess? I think in the end we tried to use a trebuchet to get past the sandstone haha.

Well, that's it. By the time I wrote it down I seem to have forgotten half the stuff. Pretty interesting the drowning bus thing though. Took me totally by surprise. Oh and for the record I didn't use any binaural beats or MBSR before sleep. I was using white noise at work to drown out the colleagues though. I did however go to bed at 8:30 instead of 11 like yesterday though. Although I think my neighbour was hammering the wall with DIY stuff for at least two hours before I managed to fall asleep. And then the banshee under the balcony started whining at 4am that her boyfriend took all her crystal meth. Sigh...