Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

After spending the entire weekend sleep deprived due to playing Space Engineers (along with an hour or two of the incredibly beautiful Eidolon), I went to bed early yesterday and finally managed to get some sleep and a whole bunch of dreams!

First off, we had someone asking a geography question: what would the ocean currents be like on a world without... oceans? Yep. Anyway, turns out something got mixed up in my memory because when the person explained, the planet most definitely had oceans. Anyhow whatever the person asked, the result was that the sea would be really calm and placid near the cost where people where currently living, but due to some reason it would become incredibly violent a few kilometers or so on, effectively landlocking them.

The dream then tranisitioned to a trip to the beach! According to my scrambled links between conscious and unconscious mind, the beach was the tidal pool at Clifton plus say, a meter or so of global warmed sea levels. I don't recall seeing anyone I know, but there was some guy trying to meditate and someone nagging and disturbing him asking for blessings (lol).

Another smooth transition and we're still at the beach but now it's next to the (sports) field at school. And on the other side is an airport and mountain that reminded me of Simons Town. A huge, ancient WW2 bomber takes off from the airport and I get all excited and try to point it out to everyone but no one cares (oooh analyse that one). Then, some person in a (not so ancient) helicopter comes, rolls 180°, and flies within a meter of the ground and then back up and around. My physics isn't that good but... hmm.

Next transition, for some reason we're (can't remember who all that entails) are... living in garages. Neighbour (from school) has a whole lot of people outside because of the photos on his interior wall, hah.

Last dream (and this was a big one), we're driving in a very leafy suburb. Like ridiculously leafy. Eventually it pans out to countryside, and we're driving through old mountainous (and still leafy) area, with the mountains carved out so that roads can go through them, and ancient preserved (but cordoned off) bridges made from rock and stone to the side. Very very pictersque, every bend wanted to make me stop and take photos but of course the car didn't stop.

Eventually we got to the end of the road. You could tell it was the end because it lead into a tunnel that was sealed off with a red curtain like a theater, and for some strange reason the light from the sign wouldn't fall past the entrance. There was also something that looked like a wig lying in the gutter and on closer look it turned out to be a person laying face down and they were dead oh dear so we all start running back and it turned out that that were more of those except these were screaming at other tourists!

Anyhow eventually we got back into the car and drove back and forgot all about that. There was an accident at some point and the car rolled and I was in the back and got really badly hurt and had to be rushed to hospital. Somehow we ended up at some food place (and I was no longer in need of urgent medical attention), but the local cuisine was really weird and then the properietors brough someone their next meal which was one of the severed heads from the earlier dead bodies. We freaked out and fled.

Well that was a busy night.