Thursday, February 5, 2015

Thursday, 05 February 2015

Nothing interesting today.

Got home yesterday, was tired and tried to take a nap, got awoken by a fly comprised of extra special obnoxiousness, who I then tried to spray with insecticide, only for the fly to fly directly at the can and towards the nozzle. Well, so much for that.

Made dinner, played a bit of MirrorMoon. The power went out at 8:13pm so I went to sleep again cause I was really tired. Ended up waking up at 1:30am from another dream where I was actually doing work (working even in my dreams, again). There was something in the dream involving struggling with phone lines, which made me fuss around the apartment at 2am in the morning opening wall socket covers to check something. Hmm.

Then at about 2:30am my brain kept telling me that getting a motorbike will solve all my problems. The same why getting my own apartment solved all my problems (it didn't, cause I'm good at making new ones. The best, even). Anyhow I don't particularly intend on being turned into a strawberry pancake by incompetent drivers who can't even look where they're walking while walking straight on the sidewalk, let alone be in control of 1000kg of plastic and metal that can do 100km/hr.

I eventually fell asleep, then woke up really tired. At least today is Thursday so I don't have to make lunch.