Friday, February 20, 2015

Friday, 20 February 2015

I had a dream last night that I was on a small plane with about a dozen or less other people. Then things got interesting and it turned out that the plane landed at an airport in a parallel universe, and when it departed back to where it came from, it went back to the original one.

So on the plane we ended up making a plan to stage a heist. Having a plane as an escape plan back to a completely different reality is a pretty good escape plan if you ask me.

Of course, to allow for maximum dramatic effect, the entire heist itself goes wrong. People got killed/caught by police. We tried the sneaky sneaky stealth approach and that failed dismally, probably my subconscious reflecting my inability to play stealth games where you can't just go in guns blazing. There was one point where one of the team tried to incapacitate a bystander several times before he was finally incapacitated, but it was too late because he made too much noise. Also of note was in the ensuing chaos, someone (civilian, bystander) managed to pry a door open and tried to jump onto a rising elevator to escape the mayhem and ended up losing a leg. Chop chop.

The whole thing was in Paris or somewhere else in France or somewhere around there in Europe. Anyway, the rest of us tried to escape by mingling in with some march/procession going on outside (clearly this is the only good use I can think of for people making a noise with carnivals outside), and we managed to flee to the border.

Eventually we got busted on the side (due to some small white furry psychic animal that the border police had hooked up to a machine/trapped inside of), and we tried to play dumb to fight for time. Turns out that one of the contingency measures was a nuke, and the last of us, captured with the police, watched it detonate from across the border.

Fun and games!