Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday, 13th February 2015

I had a really nice dream last night!

It started off in a library. The old school, stuffy and dusty and cramped but still comfy kind, that smells like old books and warm couches and motes of dust dancing in the golden sunlight.

Anyhow while hanging out in said library (which for some reason was at the top of a very tall building), some person jumped out the window. Oh dear. At this point it turns out we were police officers so we went down the ground floor to sort the mess out.

Then suddenly it changed from being a person jumping from a tall building to being a car full of people. And what was weirder was the dead bodies weren't in the middle of the car... but under the bonnet instead of the engine.

However we couldn't open the bonnet because the car wreck landed in some sort of "wrong side of town" run down area with angry people glaring and warning us if we open the bonnet and the blood sprays out and lands on their stuff (?!) they'll get mad.

Anyhow eventually we started to get to work with official police duties when we find out through our super secret sources that something went wrong and now we ourselves are wanted by the police for crimes we didn't commit (cue A-team opening theme). A whole bunch of cars with angry people with angry guns start to arrive from the distance.

Some random stranger rocks up in a taxi and tells us if we want to live we better go, so we all squeeze in and we ride off. At some point this changes to two vehicles. Then 1000km or so later, we end up outside some parking lot for a supermarket or something? But we can't get any further easily because of security that's set up like some kind of sneaky stealth game like Metal Gear or Hitman or something.

So after getting past them we somehow end up in a house where I assume we were hiding out until we can prove our innocence. Then we discovered something important in the back yard but I can't remember what exactly.

So yeah. On paper it doesn't sound very interesting anymore but I actually enjoyed it okay :(