Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wednesday, 21 Januray 2015

Had another neat dream last night. It makes me wonder, at what point does someone's relationship friendship with you reach where they start regularly appearing in your dreams? Is there a specific turning point or does it just happen over time?

Anyhow, saw said person, told them to look up at the sky, counted down from 3 and suddenly a helicopter appeared. But it wasn't going to be carrying a corny message that hang behind planes when people propose. Oh no. Suddenly, pew pew. Then more helicopters. And more shooting.

Anyways turns out WW3(4?) started. After watching the fireworks for a while, we decided to find somewhere safer to go (despite the action still being far away for now). All I remember after that is being at the habour, everything was derelict and abandoned and water was reclaiming the walking surfaces. Polar caps melting already? So yeah, I woke up about then.

Also in a previous dream I dreamt that I went back to the previous house we lived at and my cat was still alive. I miss my cat.