Thursday, January 29, 2015

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Oh wow, I didn't try that binaural stuff last night before I went to sleep (I did the two days prior) but I had one hell of a long, conjoined dream.

So it starts off with me queuing at the ATM opposite work (exciting!). The queue is long, and then for some strange reason the ATMs all stop working because... Windows Updates! All 5 machines then get stuck during updating, so the bank sends over someone to fix it.

Said person ends up being friend's friend's acquintance (Monica), which is amusing since she neither works for a bank nor works with ATMs.

Anyhow, this is where things get interesting because I happened to somehow be in possession of some piece of fascinatingly complex machinery that allowed me to achieve unimaginable technological feats such as fixing the machine next to the one she was busy with without having any clue what I was doing.

Then, I had to go into the bank itself for some reason. Then due to convenient timing, bank robbers! Dun dun dun. So along with said magical tech tool (machine), it seems I also happen to possess the power of invisibility. So, one bank robber down, two bank robbers down, etc. Seems tech tool thing doubles as a weapon. I can't remember the (unconscious mind's) garbled attempt at explain it, but something about it being able to manipulate things at the molecular level like a very very very accurate screwdriver.

So after subdueing all the bank robbers, the police show up, and they're not very impressed, so I decide to leave through one of the normally impenetrable exits. Some fancy important cop in their team manages to follow me, and at this point I realise (after taking care of two more robbers in the getaway vehicle), that my other supernatural abilities include: flying.

So then there's some flying around escaping from the police, during a thunderstorm. Someone chasing me gets stuck (hmm? someone else could fly too?), and eventually I lose them without getting hit by lighnting myself.

Now, invisible, flying and in possession of a priceless weapon, I needed to find somewhere to sleep for the night during the storm. I found some house which was vacant and for sale, and conveniently walked in through the door... only to find that someone else had the same idea as me and was also secretly hiding inside. She might have been another person I know IRL but I can't remember.

So while slowly backing out and holding my hands up to show that I'm no threat, I begin to make my way out to find an emptier building, when lo and behold top cop from earlier emerges from the kitchen. Naturally I make my escape without any trouble. But now I have a problem. It seems nowhere I go is safe. I can't also leave the country because they'll be waiting at the airports. Clearly the obvious solution is to get smuggled abroad and use their airports.

So I end up at some place near a harbour, and I'm looking for someone with a boat to help me escape. I stumble across some people running a scam, and inform some hapless refugee that they're only planning to drug and rob him. I then find someone who is going to legitamitely do a smuggling/trafficking run, and follow them underground to their secret underground lair. Unbeknown to me is that their doorkeeper at the bottom of the elevator has secret voodoo powers and can see invisible people. Aww crap.

I can't remember what happens for a while, then eventually I end up at some ruins near/at the ocean. Anyhow, another elevator trip to underground, and I run into a different faction of people, who also happen to be in possession of crazy magic skills. And here I thought I was special, sob.

Turns out that they're in trouble. The government/army/previous magic group is going to attack them or whatever, and since I warned them, they decide to not do bad things to me like murdering me dead. Again memorie is a bit fuzzy on what happened next, might have been some post-apocalyptic flavour rummaging in the ruins or something. Maybe there was a cliff hanger for Part 2!

Anyhow, the ened.