Saturday, January 3, 2015

Saturday, 03 January 2015

So I had a nice dream last night.

Naturally of course it was set back in the days of high school (notice the recurring trend here?) and for some reason I was testing out some sort of half-exoskeleton, just for legs, the kind they're testing for the crippled people (I wasn't though).

Anyhow as the dream progressed I levelled up and got more and more of the exoskeleton, then ended up being able to utilize anti-gravity or levitate or something, and then levelled up some more like in some grindy Eastern MMORPG and managed to be able to fly.

Anyhow I was travelling down the ocean road back in those days and kept running into people from school. The area was much more developed and stuff, even some futuristic buildings. Anyway there was an emergency and *whoosh* *take off* and then dun dun dun BOSS FIGHT.

Turns out that the next thing to level up would have been computer neurocontrollers communicating directly with the brain. I beat the evil boss fight person who killed a bunch of innocent people and tried to trick me by using fake copies of still iving ones, but then...

I got woken up by a fly. One of those obnoxious houseflies, the kind that loiter on bars of soap, and lounge around on cans of insecticide, taunting you to try and use it, leaving you gagging in the miasmic cloud while they fly around mocking you. Goddammit I hate summer and its panolpy of annoying flying insects.

Edit: Urgh. Not only is the writing sloppy, but I get the feeling that anyone reading this is gonna be all "hurr  hurr Iron Man". If anything the dreams are probably the result of playing a hundred hours of Borderlands in the last 30 days or something. Also, too tired to be all defensive, also I need to take a bath and make breakfast.

Also today is going to be a terrible day because people only talk to you when they want something and I still need to learn to say no as opposed to saying yes and still feeling guilty because I want to say no even though I didn't.