Monday, January 5, 2015

Monday, 05 January 2015

I had quite a few dreams last night but I kind of forgot most of them because I woke up early just to sit looking out the window and watching the rain fall down slowly. Got to write them down immediately or they turn into smoke y'know.

The one I do remember, I was in an elevator with someone from work (who I am sure I've only spoken to once in the last 10 years but hey dream logic at picking people, go figure). Anyway we're leaving a meeting or something and want to go back to our floors but the lift decides to go straight to Ground Floor. Anyway we get there and decide to press the numbers for our floors and... the elevator only has one other button for some random floor number.

We press the number thinking we can just take the stairs to our floor. We get there and... we can't get out, because the lift is facing the back of the lift shaft instead of the opening on that floor. So apparently each floor alternates which way the lift faces, and the lift has to be open on both ends for people to get out. I guess more buttons would help too.

Any how, through one of those lovely lapses of continuity and suspension of disbelief and what not, we end up in the parking lot of the building, thinking to take the stairs. We find the stairs. We walk up the stairs. The stairs seem to be going through that period in their life where they want to rebel against their parents and society's expectations of conformance and have made a rather weak effort at emulating Escher.

The stair case will go up for (just under) a quarter of a circle, reach a landing where one makes a U-turn to go up and adjacent set of stairs. There are then 4 sets of these in the circular stair well. Instead of the common sense of just... having one spiral staircase. There is also a gap between the stairwells, so you can't cross between the four sets.

And the best part in application was, when you get to the landing, for some reason you needed to walk backwards slightly to disembark on your floor, which would be great if there weren't people behind you. Long story short, I tried to leave the stairs to my floor, the person behind me then decided to not let me through as they want to get ahead of me, so that they can walk backwards first (to get back to where they are already...) so they can get out of the stairs first.

They then chose to jump the handrails, and somehow found themselves between the stairs and the floor over a considerable fall. Oh well. Sucks to be them.

The only other dream I remember involved someone from school (but set in current day & age) asking me if I stayed alone because they need somewhere to crash for the week (HAH. Where have I heard that before.)

Oh there was also one set in a forest or something. Was probably performance anxiety about taking photos or something.