Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Untitled Introductory Paragraph

The sound drifts in from afar, like the wind rustling through a field of grass, already as old and weathered as the ages before it has even arrived. Vision, a blank screen hums into life, neon green characters lighting it up. “Connection resumed.” She opens her eyes and life slowly grinds back into focus, reluctantly racking back and forth seeking clarity. Raindrops streak down against a glass door, drawing patterns, graphs, connections, neurons in slow motion upon the canvas of the dark of night. And then, as if she’s been holding in her breath for her entire life, she exhales.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

So I had a half day-dream/dream last night about a (medicore cliched and generic) plot for a book. I was idly considering actually fleshing it out but realised why bother, I might be lucky to get 2 people to read it and the only comments I'd probably get is "oh so it's a Ghost in the Shell fanfic?". None-the-less, here goes.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

I was going to rant about work but I feel like I do that everyday so it's no use repeating myself ha ha ha. So let's talk about dreams!

Last night I had one of the most amazing dreams ever. The setting was post-apocalyptic, fall of civilisation and blah blah, and I was wandering around through derelict ruins and then I discovered a kitchen still stocked with ingredients to make... cheesecake! ISN'T THIS AMAZING?!

Mankind practically on the brink of extinction, entire nations have fallen, life as we know it has come to a standstill, and I somehow manage to find a kitchen still stocked with fresh ingredients including miraculously still usable eggs. I then proceed to start baking cheesecake. I don't know how the bloody oven worked considering there wouldn't be electricity but okay.

Then suddenly the president or whoever was the currently self appointed dictator shows up with his menagerie of bodyguards and claims my delicious cheesecake :'( On the bright side at least he said it was nice, which can't be said about my actual baking skills IRL (which is another whole story on its own)

Then while fishing through the rest of the rooms I found a shelf with guns (since you know, in any post-apocalyptic setting you gotta hoard all the guns whether its zombies or Fallout) but then one of the bodyguards swiped it, then suddenly someone yelled "Get down!" and we all ducked and then something walked past the window... and we were hiding from... Pokemon?

What the hell? I don't think I've actually ever had any pokemon in my dreams before but this was actually something we had to hid from even though we had guns. My suspension of disbelief snapped in two at this point (even my subconcious mind can't handle so much bull) and the dream ended.

The other dream I had was I was in a car travelling with some people, I had to get out cause there was something in the road (or someone/people blocking it off), then they drove ahead without me and I ran after them. Then the terrain went all weird and really steep, and I was slowly lowering myself down the wet rainy slippery slope. Meanwhile the people in the car went offroad to cut around the traffic and lost control, flipped in the air like some acrobatic diver, and landed in a ditch full of water and sunk. Like erm... okay?

Third dream, third dream I... can't remember. After the cheesecake dream everything is kinda a blur. I just had to log that one for posterity haha.

Edit: So the third dream. I was going home from work, and we drove past a petrol station (gas station) and there were a bunch of people in the parking lot, who looked like they came from a wedding, doing a photoshoot. One of those stupid ones, the kind where everyone jumps in the air and someone takes the photo with them all in the air. At a gas station. Yep, classy. Anyhow...

Moving along, I was taking what appeared to be my regular route home. And every day I would walk past/around/through (I can't remember) this vacated hotel building (I think it was a hotel). And cause all the curtains were open and the doors inside were open, you could see that while most of the furniture and belongings were gone, there were still plenty of stuff left over. Like the delicious cheesecake dream, it was like one of those post-apocalyptic things where there's so much leftover detritus to rifle through.

So eventually one day we/I managed to somehow get (further) inside, when suddenly, !. It appears that the place was not so unpopulated after all. But instead of being attacked by vagrants or drug addicts, the place was actually the secret headquarters of some top secret classy assassin league.

Wandering further into the building, once we/I got further inside you found that the rest of the building was well inhabited, with the current head of said assassin guild residing in a beautifully furnished penthouse suite. What happened after that, I can't remember. It wasn't a suddenly about to die feeling you get in a bad dream/nightmare, but I doubt they were going to be recruiting either. But anyway the dream ended there. Now I know, keep an eye out for seemingly vacated hotels...