Monday, March 24, 2014

Methods of Communication

Looking back it's interesting how your communication habits change as technology changes and your friends migrate across platforms.

Ten years ago when I got text messages on my cellphone I'd drop whatever I was doing to read them. Seeing unread emails in your inbox was always great because odds were it was not just from a person, it was from a person you wanted to talk to.

These days I squander what little attention I have left on IRC, since that's where 99% of the conversations I have are these days. Twitter I'll check occasionally throughout the day but I usually just skim through and don't read anything. Tumblr I'll manically refresh five times in as many minutes hoping to see that I've gotten private messages from people, then give up and ignore it for the rest of the day.

Email? Hah. These days seeing that (1) next to my GMail tabs just means another advertising newsletter that I never got around to unsubscribing from. Google Chat is a barren wasteland and I don't even bother opening either unless I'm at work. And as for MSN, since it got merged with Skype, it just lurks in the corner as silent as a graveyard.

And text messages? The only time I check my phone these days is when I need to check for the one time password the bank sends me when I do internet banking.

How times have changed...