Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

So, another night of sleep ruined by (minibus) taxis making a noise. But this time, things got a whole lot more interesting (read: schadenfreude). Before I start, for the international people, this is what they look like:

Anyhow. So this morning I'm fast asleep and dreaming and reasonably content when suddenly I'm awoken at 00:30 by the sound of metal scraping on asphalt, and people yelling. "An accident!" I think to myself as I jump out of bed and run to the balcony.

The first thing I see is someone dragging the door from the minibus taxi across the road, followed by a mob of what seemed to be the occupants of said taxi chasing him while yelling and trying in vain to intimidate him. He makes it to the opposite side of the road, drops the door down (finally, the bloody noise of the thing grinding on the road was driving me insane), then proceeds to chase the mob away, since he's a buff guy in a shirtless top and the mob was mostly drunk women and the kind of scrawny guys who wear pink 3/4 length pants. Oh and there was one woman howling like a banshee while lurching around in traffic causing all the oncoming cars to swerve. What a scene to wake up to.

At the time I figured that the taxi was in an accident (due to the fact that they usually drive like total assholes), and this entrepreneuring guy decided to profit from their misfortune and steal loot the door to sell as scrap, since, finders keepers.

Eventually after about 15 minutes the police and company show up, and then things get even more interesting. It turns out that someone (allegedly the driver, or one of his lackeys), stole the door-toting guys' cellphone. According to eyewitness accounts (since these were the kind of drunk people who lose all ability to talk at normal volumes), this guy then proceeded to rip off the door in rage, before carrying it away. The mob then went psychotic and starting screaming and yelling and wailing and cursing, while the guy yells back that he's not giving the door back until they give back his phone.

After a while the police calmed them down, and seeing nothing interesting is going to happen anytime soon I go back to bed. I get woken up at 3am, interrupting a really interesting dream (gee thanks, again), to see someone running down the street, with his persuers shouting "CATCH HIM CATCH HIM", and the fleeing person runs into the mob still standing next to the taxi.

So, I have no idea how things actually ended. I'd like to point out that 99.9% of the time I am completely against people stealing from accident scenes. However, these taxis are a public nuisance and complete scum of the earth. I have nothing against people partying and having fun, but all they have to do is walk 3 minutes down the road and they'll be at the start of the city's one kilometer long night scene filled with bars, clubs, taverns and pubs.

But instead, these people park on the side of the road between apartments and hotels, then proceed to play obnoxiously loud music until 4am on weekdays, all while screaming, howling and wailing as loud as they can, leaving a trail of broken bottles, vomit, urine and faeces on the sidewalk the next day. One could say I am not particularly fond of these people that keep rocking up and having their impromptu parties outside.

In closing, I'm hoping that the guy got his phone back, the thief got a bit of mob justice, and these people with their taxi parties go somewhere else and never come back (sadly, they'll probably be back again tonight knowing my luck).