Thursday, December 4, 2014

Thursday, 04 December 2014

Had another post-apocalyptic dream last night. It was pretty cool but details now are scant. Someone really needs to invent a dream recorder.

Of the fragments I remember, we(I?) were riding along a coastal road, lake/ocean on the left, vertical face of rock on the right, trying to escape. (Lots of menacing looking darks shadows of things in the water waiting for us to 'accidentally' fall in.)

Eventually the road crumbled into ruin and we had to stop the vehicle and continue on foot. At this point physics and stuff went all weird and the water was like a country side brook or stream and there were parts where it didn't obey gravity and such. Continuing the journey to escape from whoever was chasing us. Some stuff here happened that I don't remember, and the next thing we were in some small little wooden cabin, perched very, very high above the body of water. I was alone with my two captors, one human and one not so human. Luckily, eventually some sort of aircraft/missile/knife missile (hi, Culture series) put us all out of our misery before they could do anything more.

In one of the prior bits, we were trawling around the ruined landscape of places we knew. It was getting dark so we found a house to stay in the for the night. I remember we were trying to board it up for some safety while also trying to find water, which is a lot harder than it sounds when the trappings of civilisation have crumbled and you have no running water, flushing toilets or electricity running. As the night progressed, something happened and we got attacked by something or other. Can't remember. Oh well.