Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sunday, 14 December 2014

So I was perusing my dashboard, which tends to be chock-full of nothing but complaining (just like this page! :D), and I came across someone I follow complaining about someone else being immature.

So, I ask them in private what they meant (since it's someone I chat to regularly).

And they can't explain exactly what it is about the conversations they have with this person that they find immature. And they can't give examples of what would be mature instead.

Just like in primary school (junior high) 15~20 years ago, people throw "immature" around like an insult and put-down without any thought behind it. Just like kids today who use "gay" to describe anything they don't like.

Even though it's not me they're talking about, it strikes a raw nerve since it reminds me of 12 year old me being told I'm immature by classmates and having no idea why they think I'm immature, what do about it, or how to be more mature.