Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Wednesday 03 September 2014

Another well rested night, another night full o' dreams.

So, first one off (that I remember), I was outside waiting at the bus stop for the school bus. The morning routine for 5 years of my life. It seems lots of people hated traveling to/from school and having to take public transport and stuff, even more so when it took an hour each way (I lived far from my school) but sigh, those bus rides gave me some of my best school year memories. Luckily this dream wasn't a "late and about to miss the bus one" :q

Second dream, I was walking home from school (and since the bus ride is like an hour...) but instead of it being full of panic and worry and anxiety, it was more like some grand epic saga to journey forth, like ye olde fantasy/RPG quest, full of excitement and adventure and meeting lots of interesting people. Also reminded me that this city needs more forests.

And then we get to number three, which is where things started to get interesting. It seems that dreams about school aren't enough, so now I'm having dreams set in the location of school, but featuring people at work. An awkward juxtaposition but hey, that's dreams for you.

So there I was, at my primary school, standing on the sports field, with people from work, and we're looking at a faulty jet fuel pipeline which for some reason runs underneath the school's sports field. We resumed our inspection tour and then wandered into some wooden building I can't place, and someone popped a trapdoor and surprise, some heavy duty airport sized firefighting water pumps. And of course, later, some playful prankster decides to go and turn the malfunctioning one on.

For some reason, this caused problems, and I have to go run around looking for the relevant people to sort out the mess. This turned out to be less than fruitful because I kept running into huge crowds of school children moving between classes, but luckily it started to rain really hard (totally not related to the firefighting pumps) and we had to evac the class rooms.

Someone from my high school was there (hey let's just mix and match all the memories, my subconscious mind) and they basically froze up during the panic, so I had to help carry them to safety. We then proceeded to get lost, then eventually find where we were supposed to be and into another building/room I didn't recognise (but I still get the feeling I have seen it before). Anyhow, we got to a class room, then for some reason had to jump out through the windows (action movie style) to get back to the field we started at.

Whether they turned the pumps off (or if it stopped raining), we'll never know. My alarm clock provided the cliffhanger timed ending.

Man, with the right cast and score, this could make a better movie than the last 10 crappy films I had the displeasure of watching!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

So, dream journal.
Think of the smallest number that you can think of. Then divide it by infinity. Those are your odds.
Also, surprise surprise, more dreams involve highschool people. And another (seperate) action packed dream involving a kidnapping and a rescue with lots of pew pew, with a terrible plot twist at the end that even Midnight Shadylayman would be proud of.

So I guess I finally got some decent sleep after all, no thanks to this headache or those two wonderfully considerate people conversing at the top of their lungs at 5:15 this morning.