Tuesday, December 24, 2013

2013 in Retrospect

So, as 2013 draws to a close I thought I'd take a while to reflect on the year in passing.

So what should have been the biggest achievement of the year ended up feeling as dull and rote as finishing yet another mundane task at work: graduating and getting my BSc in IT/CompSci. After three and a half years of studying part time all I felt was mild relief at getting my own time back to spend loafing around instead of studying. There was no sense of being overjoyed at achieving some remarkable accomplishment.

I also (finally) moved out into my own place (at the age of 26), and all I felt was guilt at having taken so long to do this, kind of like coming dead last in a race. I remember reading about how difficult it was becoming independent and having to do everything on your own and adjusting to living alone, but honestly the only challenge was being able to finally earn enough money to afford rent.

On the creative side, I spent A Lot of Money(tm) this year buying more camera stuff. I'm now sitting with 4 cameras and 7 lenses, and to be honest looking back it seems like my photography hasn't improved at all. I spend so much time reading about the technical side of photography and all the physics/optics side of things, reading about the artistic side and composition and colour theory, and I have over enough equipment; but I look around and see other people with neither of the above just pointing their camera and pressing the shutter button and having people line up wanting them to take photos of them, and that just completely demotivating.

And speaking of demotivating, there's drawing. 100% effort 0% reward. Pretty much the only time I draw these days is birthday cards for friends shrug I don't draw for fun any more, and good riddance. No more spending hours on a drawing to get 3 or 4 one word replies/reactions, when someone else farts out a scribble and gets 1000s of likes and stars and notes or whatever the current currency of popularity games is.

I also started growing flowers in plant pots. I guess that since I can't own any pets and there's no other chance of me having any other sign of life in my apartment I may as well grow some plants so that it's not totally devoid of life. Between the wind and aphids and their various diseases I've lost about half of them and I have to start over with those (pity too, the cosmos seashells grew so big and the dahlias were finally about to start blooming).

In videogames, I finally stopped playing EVE, and ended up wasting over 500 hours in World of Tanks, proving that I am both masochistic and have absolutely no regard for my sanity. But along with reading and listening to music and watching movies and reading comics I just have a great lack of interest the above. I've read a fraction of what I did last year (and most of those were just rereading stuff I've read before), music wise I only bought one album this year (Phildel's Disappearance of the Girl), and the only two movies that caught my attention were Oblivion and Elysium, the rest didn't interest me at all.

Last but not least, I made 3 or 4 new friends (all overseas of course, can't have everything go your way), and I almost ended up on a date but needless to say I don't need to explain how that ended up not coming to be.

So yeah, Merry Christmas.