Friday, August 14, 2009

Re: "Keep chivalry alive"

Emil Pohl wrote a letter to News24 entitled "Keep chivalry alive" on gentlemen and the behaviour of some of his colleagues. Some of the comments other readers left makes me question my faith in people. Examples:

I'm trying to imagine a situation where guys would do that. Either they resent her. Your female colleague, she's a bit of a B#$%tc, right? Or, are the guys into console or network games? That usually drains all charm from guys within a couple of years.

(...) Just remember, guys hardly ever use his social position and his gender as a weapon to demand something without actually asking for it. Women do it all the time... As far as I'm concerned women wanted to be liberated, now's your chance, go fix the car!!!

Have you heard that women are turned on by bad boys? They always fall for bad boys. All the gentleman don't get the good women. Us bad boys we do get hot chicks not Ugly Betty's like your co-worker. I don't think she's hot, cause guys never turn down an opportunity to be beside a beautifully women

Allan Sugar
Chivalry is not dead - its just boring and doesn't get the girls knickers off. I'm not saying be rude, but girls love a man they can have fun with. Just ask me ... I get laid as regularly as clockwork. Don't hate the player - hate the game

This tongue-in-cheek one made me laugh though:

I always allow a woman to enter a room before me. You never know who or what is inside ...