Friday, August 28, 2009

Monday, August 24, 2009

A rose a day

London - An 87-year-old North Wales man has put a fresh rose at his wife's bedside every single day of the 60 years they have been married.

Tom Shovelton also kisses his 83-year-old wife Joan first thing every morning and before they go to sleep each night, reports the Daily Mail.


And Mr Shovelton believes that if more couples made a selfless gesture to their spouse or loved one, there would be fewer broken relationships.

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Canon S90

The new Canon S90. Finally someone decided to put proper, physical, ring controls back on cameras. Now, instead of frantically mashing button combinations as if you're playing a video game, you just turn a dial to control what you want.

When shooting in Manual mode with my Canon 350D, if I want to change Shutter Speed, I turn it's scroll wheel. To change the Aperture, I need to hold down a button and turn the wheel. With the S90, you turn a large ring on the front of the camera to change settings.

Canon have also decided to let their engineers make important decisions for once instead of the marketing team: instead of just pumping up the megapixel count to ridiculous levels to wow naïve customers, they've decided to make the sensor bigger. My simple understanding of physics tells me that a larger sensor means a larger surface for light to fall on. All other things the same, more light would mean a greater signal, which means a clearer picture less noise.

I'd love to have a camera with proper, dedicated, customisable physical controls to be able to control aperture, shutterspeed, ISO and white balance, instead of having to fiddle with buttons. I don't really need 20+ MP, ISO 32'000, Live View or 1920x1080 video recording. What I do need, is to be able to set the core functions easily, quickly, and without having to think about it. You wouldn't replace the steering wheel or pedals in a car with buttons, so why would you do it to a camera?

Hopefully this will start a trend in digital camera design.

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Friday, August 14, 2009

Re: "Keep chivalry alive"

Emil Pohl wrote a letter to News24 entitled "Keep chivalry alive" on gentlemen and the behaviour of some of his colleagues. Some of the comments other readers left makes me question my faith in people. Examples:

I'm trying to imagine a situation where guys would do that. Either they resent her. Your female colleague, she's a bit of a B#$%tc, right? Or, are the guys into console or network games? That usually drains all charm from guys within a couple of years.

(...) Just remember, guys hardly ever use his social position and his gender as a weapon to demand something without actually asking for it. Women do it all the time... As far as I'm concerned women wanted to be liberated, now's your chance, go fix the car!!!

Have you heard that women are turned on by bad boys? They always fall for bad boys. All the gentleman don't get the good women. Us bad boys we do get hot chicks not Ugly Betty's like your co-worker. I don't think she's hot, cause guys never turn down an opportunity to be beside a beautifully women

Allan Sugar
Chivalry is not dead - its just boring and doesn't get the girls knickers off. I'm not saying be rude, but girls love a man they can have fun with. Just ask me ... I get laid as regularly as clockwork. Don't hate the player - hate the game

This tongue-in-cheek one made me laugh though:

I always allow a woman to enter a room before me. You never know who or what is inside ...

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sleepthief - Labyrinthine Heart

New album from Sleepthief coming soon. Preorder on Amazon, tracklist on Kirsty Hawkshaw, Kristy Thirsk, Jody Quine, Roberta Carter Harrison, Zöe Johnston. Can't wait :D